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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Why I dislike warm weather

I come across as very miserable in the summer. We seem to struggle with weather in the UK, to the extent where folks are grateful for small patches of sun.
I'm not grateful for it. I refuse to be defined, molded, shaped, dictated to or controlled by the weather! lol. My mood is independent of it.
It is inconvenient. I can do less.
Ok, let's try for some bad things about sunny weather, and some good ones.
1.  Need to slap on suncream all the time
2.  It's hot. I find that uncomfortable. It makes me miserable. Miserable isn't fun.
3.  We are all expected to sit outside when we go to a cafe or bar. I burn in the sun. I'd rather sit inside. In the UK, those that smoke have taken over outside. I don't smoke.
4.  Summer clothes are just not stylish. Acres of white flesh. Give me autumn any day. When it's really hot, how can you look good? I ain't getting no spray tan.
5.  Hayfever. Sinuses. Humidity.
6.  Friends. They want to sit in the sun. I don't. I end up on my own. See also family.
7.  It's expected to like the sun. I end up seeming weird(er) to folk
8.  Sleeping is much more comfortable when it's not hot
9.  Weather forecasters, parents, everyone just *talks* about the weather, about the sunshine. I don't. There are other things to talk about I think. 
10. It's implied that it's unhealthy to not be tanned (my mum maintains this). Why is this? I'm very very pale. I'm fine with that.
11.  Swimming and stuff seems to go hand-in-hand with sunny stuff. I can't swim.
12.  Out-doors'y stuff seems to go hand-in-hand with sunny weather. I don't really do out-doors'y stuff. Well, maybe a picnic. Under a brolly tho' (see below) *sigh*
13. Wasps.
1.  It rains less when it's sunny, and thus I can use my bike
2.  Other folks seem to like the sun. That in itself is good, 'cause it's nice to be around folks who are cheerful

Basically, weather is just weather. Full stop.
Do whatever you want to do! Be happy! Whatever the weather!
What a selfish whinge-bag I really am.

1 comment:

VĂ©ronique said...

We have a saying here in the temperate rain forest: There's no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

I agree that we talk about weather too much. Now me, I love the sun, but weather just is. My life continues regardless of the weather as long as I make the necessary accommodations.

Your pale skin should be more popular these days. Tans now = skin cancer later. You're smart to stay out of the sun!

I disagree about summer fashion though. I love sun dresses and light clothing. Some really cute stuff around right now.