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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The first Single I bought (oh dear)

ABBA - so cool...
Head over Heels (with "The Visitors") as the B-side, by ABBA.
Yes, the first single I bought. I was 13.
I could've bought "Run to the Hills" by Iron Maiden, or Golden Brown by The Stranglers.
But I was into Kate Bush, The Beatles, Police, Dylan, Blondie.
I was only thirteen.
My mum liked Abba. I liked Abba. Everyone liked Abba! Didn't they?
I didn't have to buy the others I mentioned...my elder brothers already did... I just scratched them (not deliberately).
Our copy of The Beatles White Album had a serious scratch 4 seconds into Martha my Dear, that I *still* hear to this day...even though it's long gone on my CD version...
So there you go. I love music, listening, making, studying...I try to be knowledgeable, but I'm so not cool... ;-)
By the way, it's still a good song! I listened to it tonight, but...the B side is better...all moody synth pop, Abba trying to move with the times.

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