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Friday, 23 August 2013

Lipstick for a week

It sounds unbearably vain and prissy for a 44 year old woman to wear lipstick as a challenge, every day, for a week.
Was I serenaded or given gifts by strangers?
Did I garner more respect in meetings?
Neither really.
I probably just felt even more self conscious than usual, and hid it behind the usual veil of snootiness... (I do a good line in this)
Didn't get any "are you going out tonight?" comments either.
Just lipstick on my drinking mug.
I've had a busy week at work. Very busy indeed. Things such as lipstick aren't really that important in my world... but, when you think about it... EVERYTHING is important, isn't it? The little things? Little things that make you feel better, or little changes?
There's nothing wrong with confidence building... or challenging yourself.
Of course, for some people, that's kayaking down the Nile, or Extreme Ironing.
I think I'll continue the experiment.

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