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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

My Synthesizer Fascination

Kate Bush was one of the first artists to make big use of the Fairlight,  on her Never for Ever album. It's round about the same time I was listening to Howard Jones, and Gary Numan.
Ok ok, I hear you say, Gary Numan in the same sentence as Kate Bush. Fair point.
I'm a guitar player, loving my Guild acoustic (but thinking about getting a Yamaha LLX6A like I bought for my son), yet I do (pathetically) try to dabble on the piano and synth.
As in me larking around :

The *amazing* thing is that the composing software I use (Mixcraft 5) has a Prophet and Minimoog emulator built-in. Amazing when you think that it's $50 software, and the Fairlight Kate used was around £20,000...

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